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Problems with SAS University Edition

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Problems with SAS University Edition

I have downloaded SAS University Edition for vmware.

I start the virtual machine and the system start and goes to a window.

In the window tell me to connect to a IP adress, but I can do nothing, only a black and white window wih this message, bot no option to do nothing...

what can I do'??

I attach the window.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Problems with SAS University Edition

open up a browser (IE) and type that number in the web address. the some location where you often put in:  google.com

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Re: Problems with SAS University Edition

An important thing to note: do not close this black screen (which we call the Welcome window) until you are finished using the SAS University Edition.  Closing this window will disconnect you from your virtual machine, and then you cannot run SAS University Edition.

You might also find this help topic useful:  How do I run the SAS University vApp in VMware Player or VMware Fusion?

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