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PROC CONTENTS Delayed output

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PROC CONTENTS Delayed output

Is SAS Studio generally going to be very delayed in all of its procedures in comparison to a regular SAS license? I tried to run a simple SAS statement (below) and my screen kept saying "running".  Is this something I should expect with all of my procedures?

proc contents data=mydata order=casecollate; run;

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Re: PROC CONTENTS Delayed output

There are quite a few threads on this forum reporting the same issue and it's one I experience too. This version does "hang" quite a bit - sometimes using the "Reset SAS Session" options resolves it and other times you'll have to re-start the VM.

I'm sure SAS will resolve the issue for us soon but if it's any encouragement I have had many sessions where I've not experienced it at all along with others where it seems almost constant and there doesn't seem to be any obvious difference in what I'm doing.

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