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PCFILES & SAS Studio (SAS University Edition)

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PCFILES & SAS Studio (SAS University Edition)

I recently installed SAS University Edition on my Mac via Virtual Box. So far, all my old code has been working well, save for a few minor edits and tweaks here and there. I'm a heavy user of the PCFILES server, as I prefer it over PROC IMPORT to access my Excel files. However, when I try to connect to an Excel file, I'm now presented with a new required option: "SERVER=". After Googling around a bit, I see that this option is required for Unix based installations, which SAS UE is, as it runs within a Red Hat based virtual machine. My problem is, I have no idea what value to input for SERVER=. I presume it's my local machine, so I tried "SERVER=localhost," but that didn't work. I keep getting the following error:


ERROR: Unable to resolve host name specified by SERVER=.


Any and all ideas/thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: PCFILES & SAS Studio (SAS University Edition)

You can't access files via PC File Server or Libname via SAS UE.
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