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Oracle Virtualbox Manager has stopped working

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Oracle Virtualbox Manager has stopped working

Hi there, I got an error message "Oracle Virtualbox Manager has stopped working" when I was trying to open the virtualbox. I tried uninstall and re-install it but still got the same issue. Anyone who had the same problem before can share the solution? THANKS! 

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Re: Oracle Virtualbox Manager has stopped working

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Hi, @chaodingruc. This could be for a variety of reasons. One that I've seen on the VirtualBox forums relates to have graphics and/or video acceleration enabled. 


I wonder if anything changed between when it worked for you and when it stopped working? And do you have adequate disk space?


Most likely, you'll find some clue in the VirtualBox logs. See this post from the Oracle VirtualBox blog on where to find the logs:



Based on the way you've posed the question, I've answered this on the assumption that the problem lies with VB independent of SAS University Edition. If VirtualBox operates fine when SAS University Edition isn't started but crashes when you start SAS University Edition, please let me know. (I still think the logs will have your answer; you can post them here if you want.)








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