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Open data for learning: cleaned, labeled, ready for analysis

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Open data for learning: cleaned, labeled, ready for analysis

In acadeData for learning.jpgmia, there's a lot of interest in curated data sets that are cleaned, labeled and ready to be mined. For that reason, I draw your attention to an incredible stash of 30 data sets posted on StartUp Grind's Medium blog by Luke de Oliveira, a tech entrepreneur and visiting scientist at Berkeley Labs.


The post, Fueling the Gold Rush: The Greatest Public Datasets for AI, includes links to the data with a legend and other context to help you quickly decide whether to download and analyze. 


"Most people in AI forget that the hardest part of building a new AI solution or product is not the AI or algorithms — it’s the data collection and labeling," Oliveira writes on StartUp GrindDescriptors for open datasets great for AI analyses.jpg


"Standard datasets can be used as validation or a good starting point for building a more tailored solution. This week, a few machine learning experts and I were talking about all this. To make your life easier, we’ve collected an (opinionated) list of some open datasets that you can’t afford not to know about in the AI world."


Know of other data sets great for teaching or learning? Post a link in the comments below. Happy learning!

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