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Online Graduate Programs in Analytics

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Online Graduate Programs in Analytics

There has been a surge in universities offering online graduate degrees in analytics. Some of the more notable ones include Northwestern University, Oklahoma State, and Central Connecticut State University. Are there any board members here who are in such a program? Why did you select that program? What do you like and dislike about that program? As a bonus question, I personally believe that we will eventually see online PhD programs in Analytics. Anybody care to predict when that will occur?

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Re: Online Graduate Programs in Analytics

I like the UW program in Data Science for affordability and access (online).

The recent Coursera Program from John Hopkins in Data Science is also interesting.

I'm not sure what value a PhD in analytics will offer, IMO there's a certain amount of experience required in the analytics field that is required to be an expert.

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Re: Online Graduate Programs in Analytics

I'm currently taking the Data Science specialization and it's been so far very interesting. However, it does use R, which is a fun package as well, but I hope that with this new opportunity to reach out to students with SAS U there will be more Coursera courses using SAS. I love Coursera and the classes I have taken so far have been well organized and well given, so I'm really hoping for this!

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