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No Disk space available in SAS University

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No Disk space available in SAS University


I keep running inot a frustrating problem with SAS uninverstiy running on Virtual box on a Mac. I have tried reinstalling it but keep having thesame problem of running out of disk space. Is this a SAS studio issue or virtual box issue? How can I fix it? Thanks in advance 





Here's the code I am trying to run and the error. 


57 proc sort data=puf14 out=puf14_1;
58 by caseid;
59 run;
ERROR: No disk space is available for the write operation. Filename =
ERROR: Failure while attempting to write page 469 of sorted run 2.
ERROR: Failure while attempting to write page 8619 to utility file 1.
ERROR: Failure encountered while creating initial set of sorted runs.
ERROR: Failure encountered during external sort.
ERROR: Sort execution failure.
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Re: No Disk space available in SAS University

The fact that a considerable number of pages has already been written indicates that you do have space, but not enough.

Keep in mind that a PROC SORT will require at least twice the original data set size in free disk space (the utility file and the output dataset).

Try to clear away as much as you can from your WORK library before performing the SORT that crashes.


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Re: No Disk space available in SAS University


Hi, Ejike. Just an additional word on this: I've seen a situation where a class of 20 or so students were given an assignment using the same data. All but one completed it successfully. The other student, while solid in her approach, kept running out of space. I don't know the particulars of your case (and am not really qualified to advise on programming), but just wanted you to know this.


The SAS University Edition VM is installed with about 5GB of free space. For learning purposes, that is usually enough.Hope this helps!



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