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New to SAS

I am new to SAS and have these task to accomplish.  Please I need help on how to do the following task.  I need the syntax.

1. List the top five customers?

2. Find the total revenue for the month of a given month?

3. The highest revenue collecting product and the lowest revenue collecting product?

4. Which segments of people buy more of our products?

5. Which product is bought more by each segment?

6. Which products generated revenue of less than 2000?

7. Highest sold product?

8. List the revenue generated by each brand by quarter of the year 2012?

9. List the revenue generated by each segment?

I need your help.


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Re: New to SAS

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  Most of your tasks can be accomplished by using some combination of PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ, PROC RANK, PROC SQL, PROC TABULATE, PROC REPORT and PROC PRINT and/or a DATA step program.  For example, take your #8, it could be accomplished with a PROC TABULATE. Or it could be accomplished with PROC MEANS to presummarize you data and then PROC PRINT or PROC REPORT or PROC SQL. It really depends on what your data looks like and what you want to do.


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