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New to SAS- Need guidance and suggestions please !

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New to SAS- Need guidance and suggestions please !

Hello All,



Could you please tell me where can I get the SAS software for practice,the one which I have now got corrupted and now it is not working.

Last week I attended the SAS interview,I could answer the scenarious which they asked me,but they asked me about the reports in banking sector which I could not answer,could any one please help me by in providing the sample reports or any document which will give a overall view of how we will generate reports in banking sector,what sort of reports are generated in banking side,Banking domain knowledge,any other information which will be helpful for banking domain.


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: New to SAS- Need guidance and suggestions please !

Google for SAS University Edition; if you already had it, and have technical problems that can't be solved by following the tutorials, ask SAS technical support.

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Re: New to SAS- Need guidance and suggestions please !

SAS software itself is 99% industry agnostic.

So to learn the programming basics, start with the UE as suggested by @KurtBremser. You need to learn how to crawl before attempt to run...

Then enroll the free online SAS Programing 1 course.


If you are not focusing on a specific banking SAS Solution, your might want to read a book about using SAS in the banking industry.

If you search SAS publication for bank, I see 8 books.

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