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New Dataset not updated

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New Dataset not updated


I am facing an issue while creating a new sas dataset in SAS U- Software.

It does not gets updated after the code is re-runned on the same dataset again.

Please help.

2 more help required:

1. Also, can you provide a list of sas options and sas macro troubleshooting options.

2. Provide list of Common errors shown in sas log.



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Re: New Dataset not updated

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An example of the code and the log results might help diagnose the first part.

To see SAS options run:

Proc Options; run;

There will be a few pages in the LOG with a very brief description of what the option does.

The major macro troubleshooting options are activated with:

options  symbolgen mprint mlogic;

This adds information about the resolution of macro variables, resulting code and the results of macro language comparisons and program flow. The results appear in the Log.

Turn off using:

options nosymbolgen nomprint nomlogic;

each of the options can be used alone or with the others in any combination.

The first thing BEFORE writing any macro code is to start with a base of program code that accomplishes what you want for a known case. Then add macro features one-at-a-time until you are pretty familiar with the behavior. There are macro features such as %if /%then, %do/%end that only work within a macro defined with %macro/%mend code.

There are many supplied macros in the SAS installation to examine for code examples.

"Common" errors depend on what you attempt to do and incorrectly. Many are relatively easy to understand. But the "error" may be the result of a poor statement many lines previous to the point indicated in the log. If you get something with many errors the most likely culprit is a missing semicolon which the program cannot detect as an error since when a statement ends is up to you.

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Re: New Dataset not updated

One of the common errors with UE is that updating/synxhonization of screens is not that reliable.

There are everywhere refresh buttons, they can help to get the real thing to see.

- Sometimes you have to restart your session as your cursor and editor are hopelessly messed up. This mostly happened using cut paste from web-pages or using ' " witht deadkeys in some hit-orders.

- Do not use the sas-user dataset for data. trying that can lockup your session (0-dataset and create dataset content).

- carefully code all physical paths as documented for all type of own data. Going into some failure will give your errors on files often with that config/Lev1  in it.

- Do not put too much in the saslog. When it gets filled it can hangup your session.        

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