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Need help on proc optmodel

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Need help on proc optmodel

I am trying to solve Linear programming problem using Simplex method in sas.

proc optmodel;

var x1 >=0 x2 >=0 x3 >=0;

max z =11*x1+16*x2+15*x3;

con c1: x1+2*x2+1.5*x3 <=12000;

con c2: 0.66*x1+0.66*x2+x3 <= 4600;

con c3: 0.5*x1+0.3333*x2+0.5*x3 <=2400;

solve with lp;print x1 x2 x3;


Error: procedure optmodel not found.

But procedure name "proc optmodel" shows in SAS.

Please help me with this.

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Re: Need help on proc optmodel

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Hi KafeelBasha,

Proc optmodel is a part of the SAS/OR product and is not included in SAS University. The procedure will still be on the list but will not be able to be run. SAS University only comes with SAS/BASE, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML and SAS/ACCESS.

You could possibly try SAS onDemand which does include SAS/OR in the products.


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