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Missing libraries

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Missing libraries



I'm new in the community so excuse me if I do write something wrong. 


I've just started my journey with SAS programming (I'm using SAS Uni Edition) and at the beggining I'm facing with libraries problem. 


What is all about? 

In the SAS guidance video, there are some libraries I do not have in SAS Uni Studio (from 7:10 till the end)



It is not explained how do I create them or where can I e.g. downloand those libraries. If it is in the video, it was quite logic for me I will have them but not this time. 


Can someone please help me out with this? I'd like to go further but without this basic (core) libraries I won't be able to do so. 


Thank you very much for your help. 

If you need more info regarding this, please let me know. 





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Re: Missing libraries

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Well, some libraries get created by SAS at startup - SASHELP, WORK (which is your temporary area), and those type.  Others you need to assign yourself.  Basically a library is a reference to a physical location on your machine/network.  For example (and this wont work for you as SAS UE is vritualised) if I create folder called c:\temp, I can create a library as:

libname mylib "c:\temp";


So llok for bits in the training about assinging libraries like the above.

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Re: Missing libraries

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Hi @wojciech1,


Unfortunately, the LIBSAS library that is referenced at the end of this video is not available from SAS University Edition, but you can still use the example in the video to learn about the Bar Chart task.  Use a data set from the SASHELP library instead, such as SASHELP.PRICEDATA. 


You can assign the roles as follows:

Category variable - productline

Response variable - sale


You can specify the same options that the video uses and then run the task and view your results.


Hope that helps!




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