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Learning SAS? Here's some data for learning.

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Learning SAS? Here's some data for learning.

Some of you newer visitors to the SAS Analytics U Community may not realize we keep a nice stash of open data sources in here that's perfect for anyone learning SAS. It's in a community library article under the Analytics U label titled "Need data for teaching or learning? Get it here!" As I run across new data sets, I add them to this article. The latest, from my SAS colleague @garrettputman, is summarized below:


Data USA

Compiled by Deloitte, this is a massive collection of US stats and data sources that, according to the site, "tells millions of stories about America. Through advanced data analytics and visualization, it tells stories about: places in America—towns, cities and states; occupations, from teachers to welders to web developers; industries--where they are thriving, where they are declining and their interconnectedness to each other; and education and skills, from where is the best place to live if you’re a computer science major to the key skills needed to be an accountant."


Don't get lost in the cool stats and forget to peruse the site's many data sets.


Happy learning!



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