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Learn SAS Studio basics in one hour

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Learn SAS Studio basics in one hour

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Already installed SAS University Edition? Great! You're ready to learn your way around SAS Studio, the interface for our top-ranked analytics platform. Join SAS Systems Engineer @ShannonMoore as he hosts a webinar that shows you how to:


  • Interact with SAS from anywhere with a web browser.
  • Access to all your SAS programs.
  • Connect to a SAS server when you run a program or task.

Questions are welcome.


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Get a headstart on your goal to learn SAS by investing an hour in this free webinar. Not able to tune into the event live? You can view this and other Ask the Experts sessions on-demand here. 


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To receive follow-up Q&A, slides and other resources related to the webinar, subscribe to the SAS Studio Library and you'll receive an email notification when webinar materials are published and when new information on SAS Studio hits the library. To subscribe, navigate to the SAS Studio Library, scroll to the end of the list of articles and look for this bar:


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Click Subscribe and you're done.


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