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KM-curve modifying the y-axis in SAS University

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KM-curve modifying the y-axis in SAS University

I am trying to change the minimum value for the KM curve Y-axis in SAS University. I am following the document "Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot" to try to do this. It basically says I have to modify the macro default. On pg 799 of the document (25/83 of the pdf) it says that first I must submit the %ProvideSurvivalMacros definition. I honestly do not know what this means and then it says to use the code (which I tried):
data _null_;
%let url = //support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/stat/ex_code/131;
infile "http:&url/templft.html" device=url;
file 'macros.tmp';
retain pre 0;
if index(_infile_, '</pre>') then pre = 0;
if pre then put _infile_;
if index(_infile_, '<pre>') then pre = 1;
The error I obtain is:
error: insufficient authorization to access /opt/sasinside/sasconfig/lev1/sasapp/junk.junk.
Basically, I am just very confused where to start with this document to alter the macro to simply change the Y-axis.
If you have any advice on this matter I would greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you,
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Re: KM-curve modifying the y-axis in SAS University

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See the the options here. 


You'll to modify the template, and then select modify axes. 

For the macros, navigate to the URL, save or copy the code and run it in SAS UE. 

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