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Issues viewing datasets in Enterprise guide

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Issues viewing datasets in Enterprise guide


I had a project I was working on in SQL, and decided to do the project in SAS. So I establish a DBMS connection to SAS and successfully moved the required data sets to my sas studio(server). 

When I open up these data sets in SAS studio, they open succesfully. However, when I use SAS enterprise guide and assign a libref to the location of those data sets, I tend to find my assigned libref(library) empty, even though it assigns successfully.


A screen shot of the datasets in the folder have been attached here too.


Does anyone know what the issue is? and how I can solve it?


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Re: Issues viewing datasets in Enterprise guide

Is your EG session connecting to the same server as Studio? May not be looking at the same path if not.


Did you create a library at that location in Studio before moving them that library? If not they may have gone into the work library and been purged when the Studio session closed.


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Re: Issues viewing datasets in Enterprise guide

Yes my SAS EG and studio both connect to the server. 


I didnt create a library in studio. Since I am using an academics version, my studio and server are the same. But I managed to solve the problem by copying the files into another folder on the server and assigning a library to its location. That worked.



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