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Issue with SAS Studio update

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Issue with SAS Studio update

Hi all, I am having trouble getting the new update for SAS Studio that was released a few weeks ago. When I log in through the virtual machine, the notifications section of the Welcome SAS Studio window says "An error occurred.  No updates could be found for SAS University Edition".  I was curious if anyone else has had this issue.  Any ideas on why I am unable to actually get the update for SAS studio?  Thanks so much for any help or guidance as it is greatly appreciated.  I also tried re-installing the virtual box and SAS studio but still am seeing this error message. 


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Re: Issue with SAS Studio update

Anyone else have this issue?  I tried reinstalling two weeks ago, and still saw the same error message.  Today I started up SAS University Edition again with Virtual Box, and now the Notifications area claims that SAS University Edition is up-to-date.  However, it's still version 3.1.

I also tried installing the VMware Player version, and have had the same problems. 

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Re: Issue with SAS Studio update

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We've seen occasional reports of this error message and each time it looks like the VM has lost its connection to the external network.  The advice when you get this error is to restart everything to re-establish the connection.  As for whether you're up to date, if you go to the Info Center and select about from the upper-right pull-down, the version should be university.cny.sas.com@sas:university-3p/1-103-1 as of  today.  We're keeping the Release Notes on the FAQ up to date as updates are available and I'm thinking we should add the about box version here so you can quickly tell if you have the most recent one.

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