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IML Studio

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IML Studio

When I run this code in SAS Studio (SAS University Edition)

proc setinit;


then in log generated one can see something like this:

---Base SAS Software 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/STAT 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/IML 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/Secure 168-bit 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/IML Studio 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS Workspace Server for Enterprise Access 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---High Performance Suite 

In what way exactly SAS/IML Studio is included in the distribution of SAS UE? How one can launch it? As far as I know SAS/IML Studio is a thick client and not a browser appication. Does anybody succeed with running SAS/IML Studio in SAS UE?

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Re: IML Studio

SAS products are made up of a series of components.  The PROC SETINIT output is reflecting the products that were licensed.  However, this information is too course grained to show you what components have actually been delivered.   For example, while SAS/IML was licensed, only the components that make sense in the University Edition were actually included and, as you noted, SAS/IML Studio doesn’t make sense in the context of a vApp so it’s not available.  The products you should expect to be able to use are listed in the FAQ at What is a vApp and how does it work? and we’re listing the exceptions or limitations you can expect at Is there anything else I should know before I start?

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Re: IML Studio

Thanks, I read what components are installed before trying UE but few days ago I received an update of UE, so I tried to realise what actually were updatedSmiley Happy setinit also lists SAS/ACCESS to ODBC which is not installed and I have no idea of how to install it under vApp, so it's quite misleading.

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