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I can't run http://localhost_10080

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I can't run http://localhost_10080

Hello I'm having a problem

I'm trying to run the Learning version of SAS (University Edition) and getting problems getting to the online software. I am using a Windows 10 laptop with Chrome browser, have downloaded and installed VirtualBox 5.0.16 and installed the SAS University Edition vApp.


After that I can start the SAS University Edition virtual machine and get as far as trying to connect tohttp://localhost:10800/ as the VM advises, however my browser will then change the URL tohttp://localhost:10080/SASInformationCenter/index.html but just displays a blank page instead of the SAS Studio option.

I would really appreciate any advice that you might be able to give me in resolving this issue,

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Re: I can't run http://localhost_10080

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