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How to use the data statement in SAS online.

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How to use the data statement in SAS online.

I am having some issues to run simple models such as a prog reg or more complex models suchas as prox mixed.

I don't have problems to open my database and run proc means. But I do have problems with those proc that use data=xxxx. For example:

import mydata "/home/evillalo/HP/famcohesion2.sas7bdat";

options nofmterr;

data "/home/evillalo/HP/hp";

set "/home/evillalo/HP/famcohesion2.sas7bdat";


PROC MIXED data=xxx covtest noclprint method = ML;

class d1race1 c3gender p1inc03 d1hheduc;

repeated id;

model ql=d1race1 c3gender factor1 factor2 factor3 p1inc03 d1hheduc /SOLUTION OUTPRED=predicted;

random intercept factor1 / SOLUTION;


What should I use to be able to run the model? Which part should I use after the data statement?

Thanks so much!

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Re: How to use the data statement in SAS online.

Accessing SAS files is the most fundamental part of using SAS. So you need some training. There are even some free online tutorials. If you wish to cutting corners take a look in the SAS files section of SAS Language Concepts.

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