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How to Import an Excel File to SAS University Edition.

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How to Import an Excel File to SAS University Edition.

Hi everyone,

i'm SaiSwaroop . I'm very new to SAS.


How to use SAS access interface in client applications like (SAS university edition, SAS enterpise guide).

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Re: How to Import an Excel File to SAS University Edition.

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Thanks for your question. I've moved your question to this topical forum as more experts will be able to help here.



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Re: How to Import an Excel File to SAS University Edition.

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Hi, these are two very different interfaces. When you use Enterprise Guide, it tries to use the Microsoft ACE engine to do an import if you use the IMPORT task -- and if you have the right configuration for EG to talk to Excel using the ACE engine.

Otherwise, if you use PROC IMPORT or the LIBNAME engine, then how you do IMPORT in code will depend on the SAS/Access products you have licensed or that you have accessible.

If you are using the SAS University Edition, which is for non-commercial learning purposes only, there are some code snippets that illustrate how you use PROC IMPORT in order to import XLS or XLSX files into SAS from the University Edition interface. I know that there have been previous postings about how to do this so I think if you search for this particular interface, you will find that LIBNAME engine methods do not work with the University Edition and you will need to use PROC IMPORT. The internal SAS University Edition/SAS Studio code snippets have model code for you to use.

If you have access to SAS Enterprise Guide, why are you also using the University Edition?

EG works with SAS on a server. The server could actually be local (as when you have SAS installed on your local machine) or remote (as when you have EG on your machine, but SAS is on a remote server). If you are using corporate server SAS software then you can use multiple methods to do an IMPORT (based on the SAS/Access and PC File Server components that are installed on the corporate server).

If you are using EG with SAS OnDemand for Academics on the SAS server, then your ability to IMPORT is somewhat more restricted. For example, if you use EG tasks to import a local XLS file from your machine into a SAS dataset for use on the SAS OnDemand server, then you will see that a DATA step program is used and your log will contain this message:

"Note: In preparation for running the following code, the Import
Data wizard has used internal routines to transfer the source data
file from the local file system to SASApp. There is no SAS code
available to represent this action."

So, what you want to do, and how you do it, will depend on EXACTLY how you are using Enterprise Guide (where the SAS applicatioin is located) and whether you have access to both EG and University Edition or whether you really only have access to one and you are curious about the other.

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