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Hierarchical Linear Modeling

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Hierarchical Linear Modeling


I'm new to SAS and am an amateur in training for writing SAS code. I am armed with a number of books, but can't seem to get answer I need. Im running an HLM analysis in SAS.  I used SAS for Mixed Models as a resource to write the code. I used proc mixed to run a one way random effects  Model. Using proc mixed I was able to get results (Intercept and slopes) for fixed and random effects.  I was then able to construct the predicted intercepts and predicted slopes for each center using data lines code. What I am having difficulty with now is finding the code or how to tell SAS to graph a line (y=mx+b). More specifically how to tell SAS to graph each line for center by gender for intercept and slope. Attached is my log for my code. I appreciate any assistance provided!!!


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