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Fantasy football: a peek into a big-data problem

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Fantasy football: a peek into a big-data problem

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If you enjoyed our library articles on analyzing NFL data with University Edition, you would’ve loved being at SAS Global Forum 2016 this week. One of our speakers was Clint Carpenter, a principal architect of the NFL fantasy football program.


Carpenter provided a sneak peek into the analytics game plan behind football fanatics’ favorite application and revealed its special challenges. He said working with fantasy football data has taught him three things: 


  • Don’t blindly trust data or specifications.
  • Spend time planning upfront to avoid problems in the end.
  • Test for data integrity, performance and the whole system.

To learn more, read his SAS Global Forum paper, Fantasizing about the Big Data of NFL Fantasy Football, or Time to Get a Life and check out the video. Our own @ChrisHemedinger got to interview him on camera.


Inspired to do your own NFL analysis? Crank up University Edition and review @cakramer's Free Data Friday articles: Which NFL team has the best Run Defense? and Picking your new fantasy football defense? Here’s how University Edition can help.

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