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Expired License

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Expired License

My SAS license got expired on 30th July, I have downloaded and followed the installation process using VMWare virtualization.


"The launch of the server process failed with an unknown status code" , this is the message that is reflecting. Can some one help me to rectify the issue.




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Re: Expired License

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Hi, @Anshuman1. The previous version of SAS University Edition did indeed expire.


The new version which you indicate you have installed has a new license. If you are still receiving the message that your SAS University Edition has expired, it makes me wonder if you are still accessing the old one?


Just to take a step back, I would suggest the following:

1. If you now have two virtual machines showing up in Virtual Box, then stop both.

2. Rename the old one so there won't be any confusion.

3. Now start the new version and access it. 


Also, I just want to verify: You updated SAS University Edition, and not VirtualBox, right? VirtualBox didn't expire, SAS University Edition did, so updating VirtualBox won't help.


Finally, if you want to post a screen capture of your VirtualBox window and/or the version of your SAS University Edition (from the About menu), that will be helpful.


I'm puzzled but will be glad to help!




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Re: Expired License

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Hi @Anshuman1,


It might also be the case that you have created your shared folder in a location that requires administrative rights to access.  Check out this topic in the FAQ for more information:  What do I do if I see an unknown status error?


Hope that helps!


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