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Errors in SAS university editio

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Errors in SAS university editio

I have recently downloaded SAS university edition, Is there any books available for it?

Yesterday I tried to create some libraries n import some excel too. but both fgave some errors.Snippets were also not visible

can some1 help me out here?

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Re: Errors in SAS university editio

Hi, shashanksaurabh. There aren't any books specifically on using SAS University Edition, but there are many resources available online. See here for those:

SAS University Edition

In addition, there are many postings in this community (the SAS Analytics U Community) regarding creating libraries. See if this thread and Cynthia's answer in particular help you:

and importing Excel:

I think you will find what you need there. Regarding Snippets, I would suggest that you restart your VM. I am not aware of problems with those appearing in the current version of SAS University Edition. If that problem continues, please send email to support@sas.com and we will investigate.

Thanks for learning SAS!


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