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Doubts in SAS FAW and IO

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Doubts in SAS FAW and IO

Hi Team,

             Recently,we have been exposed to SAS FAW and IO products as a part of implementation.After studying the process,we have few doubts and want to get it clarified to explain to others in simple terms.Experts help is needed.

1) Here we are going to use the forecasted output for inventory optimization.Though there are IO integration jobs to pick up forecasted output,we want to know where exactly this forecasted output resides meaning which table after my forecast plan is run.

2) In IO,we came to know that forecasted output sits in forecast demand table.How does the forecasted output is used by inventory optimization (in business terms)?

3) What is intermittent demand table and what does it contain?

4) How do we define a network?What is the difference between a primary network and a primary route?

5) What is the use of facility item demand table and what data should be populated here?

6) What is total order quantity and total received quantity in facility item inventory table? Is it number of purchase orders raised and receipts?

7) Use of facility item network table?

8) Meaning and use of Route Item table?

9) How do we account for pipeline inventory once the good in received?

10) What if customer order or purchase order is cancelled?How is it to be processed?

11) What role does customer order,item cost,lead time,distance,demand play in replenishment policies and order suggestions?

(lead time,distance may be used in network algorithms)



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