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Defining library in SAS University edition

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Defining library in SAS University edition

Hello SAS enthusiasts,


I am trying to define library in SAS university edition; as "C:\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders" but when i run the libname statement get the foll error "The path /SASUniversity/MyFolder2 is not in the list of accessible paths when SAS is in the lockdown state."  any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am trying the foll code 


libname Tutorial '/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders' ;




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Re: Defining library in SAS University edition

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The path should be as follows. 




SAS UE is on a virtual machine and cannot see your desktop except through the shared folders you set up. Please see similar questions under Analytics U forum. They also cover related topics such as how to create more folders and how to import data. 


I will also move this question to the Analytics U forum. 

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