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Debug option in Data Step does not work

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Debug option in Data Step does not work

Hi Community,

I'm trying to debug a program in SAS Studio, but when I use the DEBUG option I get the following error :

ERROR: Unable to initialize the DATA STEP Debugger environment.

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

WARNING: The data set WORK.K may be incomplete. When this step was stopped there were 0 observations and 12 variables.

WARNING: Data set WORK.K was not replaced because this step was stopped.

My program is pretty simple, just wanted to use the DEBUG option that we use in SAS Windowing Environment :

data k / debug;

  set orion.customer;


Please let me know if this feature is not available in SAS Studio for academics ?



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Re: Debug option in Data Step does not work

Hi Karan,

I believe that the DEBUG option is available only when you are running SAS locally and is not available when you run code using SAS Studio or SAS Enterprise Guide.   It looks like this question came up a few years ago in another context as well:

If I learn anything more about this from our development team, we'll post back here for you.



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Re: Debug option in Data Step does not work

The data step debugger is interactive and requires the display manager to manage its windows. Since a workspace server does not have a terminal and therefore also has no display manager, you can't use the data step debugger.

Outside of the limited environment of SAS UE, you would open an X windows session to your UNIX server and start SAS in display manager mode there to use the data step debugger.

You will need to use other methods of debugging your data step (put statements to reveal values etc)

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Re: Debug option in Data Step does not work

Thanks All ! It seems apart from PUT I don't have any other option to debug the program.

Thanks !


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