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Data science interests you? Peruse and comment on this #SASchat

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Data science interests you? Peruse and comment on this #SASchat

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SASChat on Data Science.jpgThe lively ongoing debate about data science -- what it is and what it isn't -- demonstrates the demand for people who can work with and understand data. Companies and universities face a huge challenge in identifying and creating career profiles that can handle ever-changing data and analytics tasks.


1. See what our #SASchat panel said by perusing this Storify recap:




2. Keep the conversation going by commenting below. For your convenience, here are the questions our panel addressed:


Q1: What do you see business managers mean when they refer to ‘data scientists’?

Q2: What are the critical components in a data science educateon programme?

Q3: How can educators and formal programmes prepare data scientists for the business environment?

Q4: How can industry support formal education establishments?

Q5: What are the best options for continuous education and training for data scientists?


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