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Custom Task Tuesday sheds light on a SAS Studio superpower

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Custom Task Tuesday sheds light on a SAS Studio superpower

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Are you using SAS University Edition to learn SAS? Do you love shortcuts? Then you'll love Custom Task Tuesday. It's an article series that sheds light on 10 custom tasks in SAS Studio - one each week - so you'll know them inside and out. The first installment is Always Looking for a Shortcut? Custom Task Tuesday is for You!


Custom Task Tuesday.jpgWho's leading you on this journey? Meet @OliviaWright, a SAS intern and NC State University junior majoring in statistics with a minor in computer programming.


Facts about Olivia:

  • She’s based in our SAS in Solutions OnDemand division, where she’s performed a variety of analyses, including text analysis of popular novels and a missingness analysis of international trade data. Olivia Wright.jpg
  • She recently developed automated processes to analyze employee survey data as well as the set of point-and-click SAS Studio custom tasks to execute data and statistical processes you’ll see in this article series.
  • Living out her interest in social media, she was the first intern to hold the #sasbaton for SAS's Instagram account last summer.

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