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Creation & Assignment of Library

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Creation & Assignment of Library

Hi ,

I am using SAS University Edition and Using SAS Studio user interface, I created
new SAS library and selected “Re-create this library at start-up”. Now every
time I start SAS University Edition this library automatically gets created but
I want to remove this auto creation of library from SAS autoexec file. How to
do this?

My second question is what difference between creation and assignment of
library is. What is the use of  TAB-“Assign
Libraries” which is  next to TAB-“new
library”. Under “Assign Libraries” window, no library name is appearing and
assign button is not active. And what does mean by “library not pre-assigned
when they were not created”.

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Re: Creation & Assignment of Library

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This question has been asked more in this forum

When it is the autoexec you can edit it again.

When you have achieved this by saving it as part of the profile dataset the same is possible. As the profile dataset also can get corrupted there are descriptions to delete that dataset as it will be created when starting a new session.

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