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Creating a L^MA design

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Creating a L^MA design


I am interested in creating different types of alternative-specific fractional factorial designs.  This is often known as a L^MA design.  I understand that there are built-in macros for producing different designs such as %mktex, however I am not sure how to create the alternative specific designs. 

In particular, suppose I have 10 four-level attributes.  I want to create, say, 100 surveys each with only 20 questions (also known as a choice task). 

Each question will have three alternatives: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3. Within each option, a level from 3 randomly selected attributes is presented. 

Ex. Q1:     Option1={A1L3, A9L1, A8L3}   

                Option2={A1L4, A9L3, A8L4}    

                Option 3={A1L4, A9L2, A8L1}

From my understanding, do I create a design with 100blocks (for 100 surveys) and 20 runs (20 questions per survey).  Is there an example that I can follow to produce this?



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Re: Creating a L^MA design

Hi Thuva.

Great that you are interested in MNL models, their experimental design and suchlike, they have been an interest of mine for decades.

However I doubt that this, the SAS University Edition forum is quite the right discussion forum for this question, which might explain why nobody has responded.

"These aren't the droids you are looking for", so move along to this link...

SAS Technical Support Documents--Marketing Research

and see MR2010, by one of my favorite SAS staff members, the wonderful Warren Kuhfeld.

All the best. I have found it invaluable in my career.


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