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Course Notes - Data Sets

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Course Notes - Data Sets

I have just installed the University Edition (UE). What I want to do is review the examples in the Course Notes, for example in the course, Statistics II: ANOVA and Regression (I have an older copy from 2005 when I took the course). The data used in the course include < sasuser.school > and < sasuser.paper >. From other posts I've read the sample data for UE SAS Studio are in the library SASHELP (where I see a set of data files). My library SASUSER is empty. Is there an archive somewhere within the SAS web portal that contains the data files that are used as examples for the training courses? Thanks, David.

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Re: Course Notes - Data Sets

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I don't think I've seen them online anywhere but they would have been provided on CD when you took the course originally.
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Re: Course Notes - Data Sets


  Usually in the clasroom courses, there is a program that students run to make the class data. In the older courses, the students used their SASUSER library as the write location. In newer versions of the courses, we write to a different folder. Here's an example of the program that makes the PAPER dataset from Statistics 2:


%let homefolder=S:/workshop;            *Virtual Lab Base SAS and SAS Studio Users;
*%let homefolder=/folders/myfolders;     *SAS University Edition Users;

libname STAT2 "&homefolder";

data STAT2.paper;
   input Amount Strength @@;
1 2.4 1 2.6 1 2.7
2 2.5 2 2.6 2 2.6 2 2.7 2 2.8
3 2.8 3 2.8 3 3.0 3 3.0
4 3.0 4 2.9 4 2.9 4 3.0 4 3.1
5 2.9 5 2.9 5 3.0 5 2.9 5 2.8


Note that newer versions of the Statistics 2 course no longer create files in SASUSER. If you want to get all the programs that were used in your version of Statistics 2, please send mail to training@sas.com  with information about when/where you attended the class. Once your enrollment is verified, we will make every attempt to send you the data that corresponds to your book. If we do not have the exact data that corresponds to what is in your book, we will send you the best match in the archive. If you took the class outside the US or at a university, we won't be able to help you with data (you'll have to go back to your class provider). But, in that case, please take a look at the 200 or so SASHELP datasets that are part of any SAS install. You can find them here: http://support.sas.com/documentation/tools/sashelpug.pdf 



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