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Converting Many-Many to One-One Merge

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Converting Many-Many to One-One Merge

I need some help in converting a many-many merge to one-one merge logically.

I have a dataset which post-merge is of the type:

A X1

A X2

A X3

B X1

B X2

B X4

C X2


I need the maximum possible combinations of Var1 and Var2. So the output should look like:

A X1

B X4

C X2


Is there any optimum way to do it other than working on a row and checking with all the rows already worked on. The dataset would be quite big, hence need to optimize the code.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Converting Many-Many to One-One Merge

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If the observations are in order BY VAR1 VAR2, you can do this easily:


data want;

   set have;

   by var1 var2;

   if last.var1;



In fact, if the observations are in the proper order, that subsetting IF could be added to the DATA step that contains the MERGE statement.

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