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Connection to a remote Database

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Connection to a remote Database

Hi all,

I recently downloaded the SAS University edition of SAS studio. I am attempting to work on a remote database at the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS).

In order to log on to the WRDS database, you need to run the following code:

%let wrds=wrds.wharton.upen.edu 4016;

options comamid=tcp;

signon wrds username=_prompt_;

When I run this code, I get the following error in the log

ERROR: The SAS/CONNECT product with which the global statement 'signon' is associated is either not licensed for your system or the

  product license has expired. Please contact your SAS installation representative.

I did contact my SAS representative, and they sent me here. Does anyone know a way to log on to a remote data service through the SAS University edition of SAS Studio? Or does the error indeed entail that I would need to purchase a new version of the licensing?

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Re: Connection to a remote Database

SAS UE does not support SAS/CONNECT. You will need to use a full version of SAS.

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