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Code tooltip width change (Studio 3.5)

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Code tooltip width change (Studio 3.5)

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How can I change (set once and forever) the width of code help tooltips which appear in Studio 3.5 whan you write code.

So far tooltip size is too small to read all text and I have to expand it everytime.

See printscreen below:


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Re: Code tooltip width change (Studio 3.5)

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Welcome to the community! I have tried a couple of different things but it does not appear you can permanently change the size of the tooltip. I'm thinking this may not be a SAS Studio thing but rather an issue with the programming environment that SAS Studio is built on. I'm hoping @RandyMullis can jump in and confirm. For the purposes of SAS Support, changing Font size in the Editor doesn't appear to have an impact on the Tooltip. Hoping this is something that can be fixed. I recommend putting in a SAS Software Ballot to add this feature, and I'll vote on it! Thanks Chris
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Re: Code tooltip width change (Studio 3.5)

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Hi, @DarthPathos and @SAS-Study. I'll see if I can get an answer to this!



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