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Code running slow in SAS

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Code running slow in SAS

I have been analyzing the NSDUH data sets. I have used my editor files on several occasions before and it worked perfectly fine until recently.


Reading in a permanent (combined 10 year data set) in to a work file on SAS is now taking several hours. It worked fine a month ago but I seem to be having problems now despite not making any changes to the file or the data sets in the folders.


What do I do to fix this?


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Re: Code running slow in SAS

Are you using SAS Studio/SAS UE or a different version? If a different version, please elaborate.

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Re: Code running slow in SAS

Where are the files you are reading? On your local hard drive or a network location? You may have network connectivity issues.


Are you re-reading the same files? If so, STOP IT!. Learn how to create a permanent library and read the files into that library. Then the next session you just need to make sure the library is active and use the data set.


Or are you now reading much larger files?


Showing code used is often helpful.

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