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Cant open SAS with CPU problem

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Cant open SAS with CPU problem

my computer is Win8.1 , and i installed the SAS university edition. and install it. then when i try to open it.


it pop up with a black window with "please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu..."


I tried to google it online and accroding to one solution to change setting, such as unclick use PAE/NX. I tried it both.


and I also try to select system. I am a win8.1 64 bit, but it show up only have 32 bit on every vision.


I do not know how to do.


any advice?


please help!!!!!!

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Re: Cant open SAS with CPU problem

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Re: Cant open SAS with CPU problem

HI mohammed_zaki,


Unfortunately this did not work for me as I don't see to have any 64-bit options from the drop-down menu.


Any ideas?

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