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Cannot output editable SGPLOT graphs directly to Powerpoint

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Cannot output editable SGPLOT graphs directly to Powerpoint

I need to clean up sgplot graphs in Powerpoint, owing to limitations in University Edition and sgplot itself.  I can do it by saving the graph as an RTF, copying and Pasting-special/Picture (Windows Metafile), then ungrouping several times. But I have been unsuccessful in going straight into Powerpoint. The following code generates a graph that not only changes the aspect ratio of the graph, it also produces an image that will not ungroup for cleaning up. Does anyone have a solution? 


ods powerpoint file="/folders/myshortcuts/ExternalFiles/etc etc/.pptx";

ods graphics / reset width=16cm height=20cm imagemap attrpriority=none;
proc sgplot etc;

etc etc;

ods graphics / reset;
ods powerpoint close;


This request has appeared unsuccessfully in the SAS/Graph and ODS Graphics "community".



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