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Cannot enable Shared Folders in SAS University Edition

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Cannot enable Shared Folders in SAS University Edition

Hi Reeza & Hello SAS users,


Due to some reason i wasn't able to use SAS UNI edition when i had raised this concern last time due to working on another platform. 


Now i have downloaded VMware Workstation 12 Player and have added SAS uni edition to it. However i am still facing this issue again as it is not allowing me to select "always enabled" button from the VM Settings---- options tab. 


Please suggest as to how can i achieve this. 


Also as per my understanding i can add upto 1GB of data for my use. Kindly suggest here as well. 


Regards, Shivi

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Re: Cannot enable Shared Folders in SAS University Edition

There isn't a data size restriction but a memory restriction in SAS UE. The majority of SAS procs don't read data into memory but line by line. At the same time I can't imagine it running well with 1GB of data though I've heard of people using 2GB or more on here.


When enabling your shared folders make sure your VM is started up and running. 

In VMWare there is no 'always enabled' that I see, but I'm using VM Fusion 8.1


Also, please do not direct your questions to me directly. There are multiple users on here who are capable of answering these questions.

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