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Can't update SAS university edition

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Can't update SAS university edition


my SAS university edition license is going to expire. I was trying to update my version. I have downloaded the file, but everytime I click on the update button, the update stops (it starts at 0% and then stops), saying that it has failed. I have tried to apply what's written here http://support.sas.com/software/products/university-edition/faq/trouble_update_options.htm . I emptied my browser's cache, loaded the .ova file again in VM virtualBox, but the situation is still the same. What can I do?

The .ova file I'm using is: unvbasicvapp__9411009__ova__en__sp0__1.ova

I am on Ubuntu 16.04

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Re: Can't update SAS university edition

Hi, @Mujina. Your best course of action is simply to delete your current version, import an OVA file of the current version, and import that current one. Then just re-create your Shared Folder to attach your current files.


You candownload the latest version and re-import using the instructions in the Quick Start guide.


Because you are storing your files in a Shared Folder and not in the SAS University Edtion virtual machine, deleting the old one and importing the new one won't affect your content.


(The Update process is improved in this new version; you won't experience the benefits of these changes until the next update.)




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Re: Can't update SAS university edition

Posted in reply to RandyMullis
The link to my question in the forum is not working. I am trying to
download the new version but the download continue failing and failing. It
never completes, or it even starts and fails immediately.

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Re: Can't update SAS university edition

Hello, @Mujina!


The new OVA file download is failing? Is it displaying an error message that you can share? If the download is failing on each try, it may be related to lag or your antivirus software. 


Or are you seeing the download/update fail in the welcome screen for SAS Studio? If the download is failing in that screen, I would recommend following @RandyMullis's suggestion of deleting your existing version, downloading the new OVA file, and importing the new copy. 


Thank you!



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Re: Can't update SAS university edition

@Mujina, if you are still having issues downloading the new .OVA file, did you try updating using a different browser? I had the same issue and it was resolved when I used a different browser.
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