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Best-ever SAS University Edition download experience available now

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Best-ever SAS University Edition download experience available now

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We heard you. Feedback from SAS users like you resulted in a new download page that has crystal-clear step by step instructions fBev downloaded University Edition without help.JPGor installation. Visual icons, just the right amount of text and short videos guide you through each step.


By posting this next bit, I hope you don't think I'm over-hyping it: My experience downloading SAS University Edition today was so streamlined, I was stunned. I didn't need any help at all. This is significant when you consider the difficulty I sometimes have following simple recipes!


Tell a friend

If you're an enthusiastic SAS user and have a not-very-technical friend who'd benefit from a SAS skill set, now's the time to tell them about SAS University Edition. Once they've downloaded it, get them started analyzing any of the open data sets from this stash we maintain in here under the Analytics U label.


Wonder where their SAS skills will take them? Where've yours taken you? 

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