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Access uploaded data in Forecast Studio - SODA

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Access uploaded data in Forecast Studio - SODA


I have uploaded a few SAS data sets as an instructor in my personal folder in SAS Studio (my_content). According to the initial page in sas control center the directory '/courses/d21685.....' is used to store data for all my courses. I have communicated the directory '/courses/d21685.....'  to the students of my courses and everyhting works fine. E.g. in Enterprise Miner the students open Enterprise Miner, create a new library, name it and put in the relevant path the directory '/courses/d21685.....' . Then, through the new library, the data sets that i (as an instructor) uploaded are available and accessible.

The problem appears when the students need to access the data sets that i uploaded through Forecast Studio. The student opens the Forecast Studio interface through the sas control center and the relevant credentials. What should be done is to create a new library that will be connected to the instructor's directory '/courses/d21685.....' . An idea would be to write a libname statement as follows libname test '/courses/d21685.....' ;. The problem is that the start up code does not work. Is there something that i am missing or the data sets can be accessed by another procedure (e.g. creating the library somehow else).

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