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Saving SAS Data Sets on DataFlux

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Saving SAS Data Sets on DataFlux

I created a Data Job for a case study today in DataFlux and saved the output as a sas data set. The job ran without issue, according to the log, and the new sas file was created.


When I clicked on  home and then the Data riser bar to verify......the dataset I had just created was not there??


How is this possible?

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Re: Saving SAS Data Sets on DataFlux

Thanks for posting screen shots. We've asked the instructors who wrote the Case Studies in Module 2 for feedback on your question. Stay tuned for a response.

Meanwhile, you might review the solution for the Case Study you're doing -- to see one possible solution.

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Re: Saving SAS Data Sets on DataFlux

Hi CLW1964,

It is probably a REFRESH issue -- I see this behavior in EG too. The REFRESH button is up on the Toolbar (the one with the two blue curved arrows). Please give that a try.  Alternatively when you exit DM Studio and come back, the Data pane should refreshed. 



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Re: Saving SAS Data Sets on DataFlux

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Thank you Teresa, I will check it out next time I go back to review in that module.

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