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SAS Visual Anlytics Virtual lab problem

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SAS Visual Anlytics Virtual lab problem

Hi All,


I logged into SAS Visual anlaytics Hub with "Eric" Credentials but i can't see the Data explorer and other options which are needed for my exercise


Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 3.06.53 PM.png









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Re: SAS Visual Anlytics Virtual lab problem

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  There was an issue in the SAS Academy for Data Science Virtual Lab last week, with the license on the Visual Analytics server, that rendered the Visual Analytics application unusable (nothing happened when you clicked the side menu icon). However, that issue was fixed on May 17th around noon, Eastern Time.


  I cannot see when you took your screen shot. However, if you were trying the VA application BEFORE May 17th at noon Eastern Time, then I would expect to see an unresponsive VA application with no side menu opening when you click. But if you were trying the VA application AFTER May 17th on a FRESH image, I would not expect to see this this problem.


  However, there is a possibility that, if you tried after the 17th but using a SAVED image,  your saved Virtual Lab image might still have the bad license information. You need to try again, but using a FRESH image. When I tried the VA application on the 17th using a FRESH image, the VA application worked as expected.


  Since your screen shot doesn't show when you tried to use the application, it is impossible to tell when you were working or what type of image you started with.


  Please remember that when you start working in the Visual Analytics application, you need to start the servers by following the instructions to log on as Christine before you do any exercises that have you log on as Eric. So until you are able to log on as Christine and start the servers, you'll not be able to do any work.


  Remember, too, that you can use the icon for Technical Support inside the Virtual Learning Environment to send a ticket to the Tech Support team. If you have already submitted a ticket, you should hear from them on Monday with a response.


  Hope this helps clarify that there was an issue, but it was fixed by the 17th. If you are still having an unresponsive side menu after the 17th using a FRESH image, then you need to use the icon to open a ticket with the Virtual Lab tech support team.





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