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Practice Datasets

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Practice Datasets



I am taking the "Predictive Modeling using Enterprise Miner" e-Learning course as part of the overall Data Science Academy (I am signed up for all five e-Learning modules).  I am currently using the SAS Virtual Lab to do my practice work, but I also have access to my own SAS environment and would like to be able to do the exercises in this environment rather than the lab. I feel rushed in the Virtual Lab since I have a limited number of hours of lab time.  I like to take my time and really think through the exercises.  From what I can tell all I would need is to copy the practice datasets for each course down to my own SAS environment.  Are they available anywhere for download?  I don't see a way to copy them to my local workstation from the Virtual Lab but maybe I am missing something. 


Can someone please help me out here as I would truly appreciate it !!!




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Re: Practice Datasets

Hi @sifrirp,

I'm sorry but we do not allow students to download the course data.  We allocated the number of hours based on our experience running the SAS Academy for Data Science in Cary, in which the attendees spend a total of 12 weeks studying all 5 modules to prepare for all 5 exams. 

However, it is not our intention for you to start an image and leave it running all day. The way most students work is that they will follow a chapter or two, all the way through, and then, they will make a reservation in the Virtual Lab to work on the exercises for those two chapters. As an example, let's say you start working on a course at 8 am and by 8:45, you are most of the way through Chapter 1 and realize that you'll be ready to practice by 9:30. Since it takes approximately 30-45 minutes to start the Amazon image, then, at 8:45, you request a reservation and while you wait for the reservation to be ready, you finish listening to Chapter 1 and get through Chapter 2. So, by 9:30, when you get the notice that your reservation is ready, you click to switch to the Amazon image and start working. Let's say you take 1.5 hours to work on the exercises, but you made a 3 hour reservation. You should not let the reservation "burn down" while you continue listening to new chapters. Instead, you should cancel the reservation and save your image so that you get the unused 1.5 hours returned back to your allotted time. 
You should be able to finish the work in Module 1: Predictive Modeling within 20 hours allotted. We based on the number of hours for each module on the actual number of hours that the in-person students used. I can assure you that all the students finished the in-person SAS Academy and they had not used up all their hours. We are in the process of introducing method in the future for you to purchase additional hours should you need them. However, as I said, all of our SAS Academy attendees have been able to finish their work within the hours allotted to them. Remember that the 20 hours applies to Predictive Modeling Module 1. When you start each of the other modules, you will get a new allotment of hours.


Best of luck,


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