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Data Science SAS Visual Analytics.

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Data Science SAS Visual Analytics.

I don't understand the instructions "Setting Up SAS Visual Analytics for This Course"


1. Open Internet Explorer from the task bar. 

2. From the browser window, select SASVisualAnalyticsHub from the bookmarks bar.


I don't have SASVisualAnalyticsHub on my bookmarks.  I need an actual http location.


I'm not in the class.  I'm taking the e-version.


I looked on-line and they have some example website "".  Not helpful. 


I don't have SAS Visual Analytics.  We don't have server SAS where I work.


Did they write these instructions assuming we were in the classroom on their machines?


Do I have to sign into the "Lab" to get the software?


I'm frustrated.  I have read through the other help messages on this topic and no they weren't helpful. 



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Re: Data Science SAS Visual Analytics.

Hi Carry,

You have to sign into the 'Lab' to access the data and software for all modules.  To sign into the Lab, you need to make a reservation for the virtual lab on Amazon Web Services, AWS. For instruction on how to reserve lab time, see Reserving Software Lab Time to the right of this post. Once you have a reservation, you will use the browser in the virtual lab to access Visual Analytics.  

If you search on this topic, you will find additional information on the this topic. You are not the first to have this question.

Best of luck with your studies!


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Re: Data Science SAS Visual Analytics.

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  As an extra example of how to log onto the Virtual Lab and start the servers, here's a YouTube video which one of our instructors made: . It shows how to start the Visual Analytics Hub once you have logged onto the Virtual Lab image.


  Just remember that every time you want to use Visual Analytics, whether working from a fresh image or a saved image, you'll have to be sure to start the LASR servers and load your tables before you get started.


  Hope this helps,



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