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SAS Employee

Here Is What's New for 24 January 2017


  • Selecting a flight's date range now works correctly in conjunction with the Lifetime option in the Unique Visitors report. Previously, the date range of the report needed to be spaced at least one day earlier and later than the flight's date range.
  • Reservation numbers when checking availability on a line item now include the current line item's reservation amount.
  • If a latitude and longitude can be derived from a visitor's IP, those values are now logged in sampling and can also be used for lat/lon targeting.
  • Flight and line item labels are now accessible through the XML API.
  • The engine can now pace flights above 100% for the entire length of the flight. This is configurable by Technical Support and applies globally to all flights. The effect is that the flight is allowed to serve ahead of its ideal level, even at the end of its run time, likely causing it to hit its goal earlier than its end date/time. This can be useful in situations where a goal must be met or exceeded whereas normal serving behavior allows for very slight under- or over-serving.