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SAS Employee

Here Is What's New for 15 November 2016

  • An issue where the simulator was evaluating all inventory samples as having a null pageid value has been corrected. Companion flights, competitive exclusion, eliminate duplicate options, etc were not being simulated correctly because of this as those features rely on the presence of pageid values.
  • Selecting a creative to add to a flight now highlights the creative selection in a blue border making it easier to see what is selected.
  • Labels have been added to flights. Labels provide a way of adding custom fields and values to a flight. Once a label is added to a flight, a value can be entered for that label similar to other general purpose fields. These custom fields and values will be available through the API and in BI reporting.
  • Further improved file syncing strategies for creative formats and assets which will help speed up how quickly file updates are propagated.
  • An identity mapping feature has been added that compliments the user registration and state vector features. This feature allows the upload of a file with user data which references an identity in another user data file. In this manner, it would be possible to identify a user on a site and load centralized data for that user automatically for use in targeting. Contact Technical Support for more information.