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SAS Employee

The latest release of SAS 360 Match includes the named exposure policy feature that enables you to set exposure levels across multiple items. Use exposure policies to limit how often SAS 360 Match serves a specific response.


The parameters for an exposure policy are defined, ad hoc, directly with the item that they control. A policy can be defined at the campaign, flight, flight creative, product, and creative format level.


An exposure policy can be used by a range of items. A change to a policy affects all the items that use the policy. This single policy is an advantage over a collection of individual frequency caps that are applied to multiple items because you need only make one change rather than change the frequency cap in each item that is affected.


In addition to providing one policy to govern multiple items, you can use exposure policies to implement the following scenarios.


  • Traffic identical creative assets in multiple creatives that are spread across multiple campaigns.
  • Vary an entity’s frequency cap parameters according to the context of the request.

For more information, see Managing Exposure Policies.